I’m Christmas

Why are people so obsessed with age? I remember talking to a male friend who said there’s a saying. A joke. A funny. Women are like Christmas. When they’re 24, it’s like Christmas Eve and 25 is Christmas Day. Meaning 25 is the prime age that men want women to be (marriage, dating, etc.) After that, every year that passes is similar to each day passing after Christmas. It’s less desirable, translating to she’s less desirable.. . Fuck you.

Since I’m 25, I guess my D-Day is fast approaching, but I don’t have the littlest remorse. I don’t really care because if there were any guys worth meeting at 25, it would’ve happened by now. I’m fine with my pace. I’m waiting for the guys to catch up.

It can’t be just me, or is it Chicago? Why are all the guys I meet lazy with no drive or direction in life. It’s okay if you can’t find something you love to do, but please at least be looking for it. And if there’s something you love to do, great! Work towards it. Have a bigger picture in mind about your life or life in general.

The other side of the spectrum are guys with a lot of ambition and drive, but they’re conceited and immature. Obnoxious and self absorbed. No, I don’t want to hear about the yacht you were on last weekend with your boss who also gave you tickets for obnoxiously, amazing seats to a game I don’t give a shit about.

I’m not saying I’m the perfect candidate for marriage right now, ASAP. But at 25, I think I’m doing alright. I’m working towards my dreams, I’m being responsible with my money (or lack of), and I’m spending time with people I love, not people I want to impress (maybe that’s why my dreams are still just dreams.. ).

25? Who cares about Christmas. My biological clock sounds fine to me, and what comes after Christmas? FUCKING NEW YEARS BABY.



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