Oxymoron Craphole

The suburbs. The quaint, quiet, familiar place I grew up where the trees are always green and the parks are always filled with children and laughter. I hate this place. I don’t hate it, but as someone in their twenties who’s lived in the city for the past three years, the burbs can be suffocating. My biggest problem? Where are all the other twenty-something-year-olds?! Probably in the city. While my friends all live downtown, I’m stuck between my neighbors who are aged 50 or 5.

Now that it’s fall, one thing I really appreciate about the suburbs are the trees, lakes, and plethora of nature. Yea, it’s all man made, but I don’t really care. I like living in front of a lake where I can escape everything and everyone with a simple pair of headphones and running shoes.

As a recent graduate, I find myself filling my free time with job hunting. There are so many problems with job searching, I don’t even know where to begin. What is this nonsense with entry-level positions requiring 2-3 years of experience? And then there are the sketchy as hell positions that claim to hire everyone and anyone if you reply to their message.

I just want to write. Like literally, that’s all I want to do but some how I don’t have enough “experience” to do so or I’m “overqualified” because I have a masters. What is this bullshit, oxymoron craphole we live in? I have friends who graduated from the same program as me and they have literally been told that they are too qualified. When I expressed my confusion to what the problem was, my friends explained that employers basically don’t want to pay us more money for something that a 22-year-old can do for less. And if we do accept a job for less money, they fear we’ll leave in 3 months if we find a better job. I promise I won’t leave. Please hire me.


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