Coffee Makes Me Feel Cool

What is it about coffee shops that make me feel so cool? With my headphones in, my laptop out, and a mug of delicious cafe mocha. The cozy atmosphere and indie music in my ears make me feel like I’m in some kind of awesome movie. Like I’m the main character who’s about to be approached by a really cute boy who will ask me on a date, and we’ll go stargazing, he’ll braid my hair, I’ll get a book deal, and then I’ll win the lottery, travel the world, get married in Bora Bora, and go swimming in Australia’s pink lake before taking a walk through Alaska’s ice caves.

But in reality there’s nothing happening over here. I’m typing away, writing about crap most people won’t read, and I’m sitting next to another really cool-looking girl who’s probably doing something more important/interesting than I am.

The only guys in this cafe either look like Pillsbury doughboy or 65. My overpriced drink tastes like hot chocolate that I can make at home for 50 cents.

I get it now. I understand why people hang around Starbucks for hours, walk around with Starbucks drinks, and meet their friends at Starbucks. Even though I’m not at Starbucks (I’m at an even more overpriced cafe), I get it. We can complain about the crappy coffee, lack of power outlets, the squeaky chairs, the wobbly tables, and the super slow wifi, but let’s be honest. We always come back.


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