The Fashion Industry

One of the key selling points of the fashion industry is that there’s always something new you’re missing out on. This new trend will make you prettier, cooler, taller, slimmer, more attractive, and therefore happier. And then there are those fashion rules like you can’t wear this with that or this color with that color. But where do all these trends come from and who makes these rules?!

Fashion trends and rules are manufactured by the people on top who benefit the most by people like us who are willing to follow these trends. Why? For the sole purpose of money and power. Fashion is not a necessity but completely fueled by desire and as long as people are insecure, the fashion industry will always exist and thrive.

We think we have a choice. As if you can choose to be a part of it by purchasing a new dress every month. Or you think that shopping at thrift stores, participating in clothing swaps, and sewing your own clothes make you different. But truth is there is no escape. There are ways around it, controlling consumption and disregarding trends are a good start, but you can never truly leave the system. The fact that you even think about clothing at all proves you’re already a part of it.


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