Don’t Hit on Me

When I go out with my friends, my threshold for guys is pretty low. I don’t go to bars to meet guys, so don’t be offended if I blow you off. It’s not about you, I just really don’t care.

When guys approach me, my first instinct is to say, “Sorry I have a boyfriend.” That’s me being nice. As the night goes on, it slowly turns into just “Sorry” and I turn my back towards you. Which then turns into just “No” because I don’t want to waste my time. And you’ll know when I’m drunk when I say, “Fuck off.”

I love dancing, which is why I love clubbing. I don’t care about the guys or the booze (maybe I care a little about the booze). I just want to dance. And guess what, the music is REALLY loud in clubs. That means I don’t want to talk. Don’t talk to me. If I shake my head “no” and it looks like I can’t hear you, it doesn’t mean get closer and yell louder. It means get away from me.

So next time you try to hit on a girl and she gives you a “get the fuck away from me” look, don’t get offended. Just remember, it’s not about you.


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