The Fat Loser from High School

I was never a straight A student. I was never good with numbers nor was I that creative. I could never quite play an instrument long enough to be good at it. I hated chemistry and history bored me. I’m barely bilingual, but it’s a survival thing not a talent.  I can’t keep plants alive for more than a week. I’m horrible with directions and I won’t remember your name. My real talent? Something that can’t be seen.

I just had a job interview, and for the first time in my life, they acknowledged my talent. Not only did they admire it, but they wanted it. If you’re in the world of engineering, business, medicine, or computer science, then you live in a world where your practical talents outshine those around you because the rest of us are told we’re “wasting time” on the liberal arts. But for the first time, I’m wanted for something I was born with. I didn’t learn it in school, and I didn’t pay for it. It’s something inherently in me.

If this were a movie, this would be the moment when the fat loser from high school grows up to be a sexy billionaire and the popular cheerleader grows up to be a waitress. I am that sexy billionaire.


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