Merry Christmas!!

When did it become offensive to say Merry Christmas during Christmas? I don’t really understand what people get offended by. I’ve had people of other religions and cultures express their celebratory greetings toward me and I don’t get offended at all. If anything, I’m glad they’re willing to share their holiday with me. I love culture and I love learning about other ethnicities, nationalities, religions, and beliefs. And let’s be honest. Not everyone who celebrates Christmas is even Christian, so how is that enforcing their religious beliefs on you? People are getting way too sensitive. Not everything is about you so calm the fuck down and drink your hot chocolate.

I’ll try not to offend anyone and keep this neutral.

Happy Holidays! Or is that offending people who don’t celebrate holidays. Happy Winter! Wait, that might offend people who don’t have winter. Happy December! What a sad month.. I’m sad that we’ve become so narrow-minded that we’re trying to ban “Merry Christmas.”  If we were truly openminded, we’d embrace and welcome whatever holiday greeting a person wishes to express.


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