There was apparently some kind of reunion this past weekend with a couple of people from high school, which included my ex-boyfriend, his friend who hit on me while I was dating my ex, and the girl that secretly wanted my ex but pretended to be my bff while telling me he’s a loser. Yea, like I really want to go back to that mess.

You’re probably saying, “High school was a long time ago. Things might’ve changed.” Yea, that’s what you’d think. But every time I have a little reunion with each person, it goes a little something like this.

My ex: We drink, he touches me, and flirts like we never broke up
His friend: Can’t stop talking about weed, money, and his music
The girl: Conceited and self-righteous because she’s so much better than me

Yes, I really want to spend two hours being sexually harassed, degraded, and have my IQ drop all in one sitting. No thanks.


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