Curse My Contagious Smile

Meeting new people is always a feat for someone who’s an introvert. People get confused because of my outgoing, cheerful demeanor. Curse my contagious smile and friendly persona. But the way I really fuel up is by spending time alone in my room with my phone off.

Before I meet someone new, I need to think of questions to ask and possible conversation topics. A good first meeting is when we have a conversation– you know, when I talk, then you talk, then I talk, and we laugh. However, there are people who are completely socially disabled that it skews the conversation 90/10. I ask a question, they reply with one word answers- yes, no, smile. Are you not going to ask me questions? Or elaborate on your answers? There’s only so much I can do. When this happens, you’ll see me slowly walk away or grab someone else to take my place.

Then later I hear “Why were you so mean? The new girl just told me you were rude and walked away.” Bitch please. I was basically talking to myself and now I’m the mean one? If anything SHE’S the mean one for not asking me any questions. She didn’t want to get to know me. I’m the one that’s offended.

This is why I don’t meet new people. I like my five friends. I’m good.


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