Blind Dates

My parents recently tried to set me up on a blind date. This never happens, so I was curious to see what loser they wanted me to date, probably a med student. They proceeded to show me a picture and it looked like someone’s graduation. And that someone looked like he was 35..

Me: Are you kidding me..?
Dad: What, why? He just graduated from med school.
Me: I don’t care if he’s the president. He looks like a middle-aged man who’s never been outside.
Dad: He’s not old, he’s 28.
Me: That’s even worse. He looks 7 years older than he is.
Dad: Maybe he just studied too hard.. He’s really nice.
Me: Everyone’s nice. Literally can’t name anyone who’s not nice.

As I walked away from this disappointing potential blind date, I felt a bit superficial. But then I stopped myself because the entire blind date was superficial. The only reason my parents wanted to set me up with him is because he’s a doctor. He probably judged me on my appearance too. I’m not sorry.

When I was in high school, I always said I’d rather have a fun guy than a smart guy. Let me rephrase that, I’d rather have a fun guy who’s also capable of intellectual conversations than a smart guy who’s socially awkward and has never talked to a girl before. So he needs his mom to set him up on blind dates. Yea, like I really want society’s rejects.

Sorry, but I’m not one of those girls who gets impressed by straight A report cards and platinum credit cards. Want to impress me? Tell me you like to travel, show me your wit, and be open to trying new things. Then, we’ll see what else we have in common.


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