Now that my longings to move back to New York have subsided, I’ve been learning to appreciate Chicago a little more. Especially the people. There seems to be generally 2 types of people here (besides the lazy ones).

1. New Yorker wannabes
2. Down to earth

New Yorker wannabes are overtly pretentious, hipster-esque people who try way too hard to pretend they’re not from the suburbs. I bet they grew up around a cul-de-sac. I bet they were in girl/boy scouts and received an eagle or they were an eagle or whatever they do with eagles..

I was underwhelmed with Chicagoans because everyone seemed either lazy or pretentious. However, there is a silver-lining. Meeting people who are down to earth have been a really refreshing breath of fresh air. They are the perfect middle ground where ambition and passion meet friendly and easy going. I can honestly say I am completely okay with being in Chicago now. Thank you down-to-earth Chicagoans. No thank you New Yorker wannabes.


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