Girl Scout Cookies

When people talk about addiction- the obsession, the money, the cravings. I experience every single one of those struggles with Girl Scout Cookies, specifically Samoas/Caramel deLites. When someone tells me it’s Girl Scout Cookie season in my area, my eyes glaze over, my voice gets louder, and I violently attack the messenger so that they’ll share this precious information with me. WHO WHEN WHERE?!?

I remember back a few years ago when my addiction was at its peak, I would go over to the Girl Scout Cookie website and sign up for emails that would allegedly tell me when they’d go on sale in my area. They never emailed me.. I signed up like 5 times.. .

And then, something happened. I was strolling down my grocery store aisle and from the corner of my eye, I spotted Keebler Coconut Dreams. What’s happening right now.. Is this a dream. I’m confused. Is there a lawsuit waiting to happen. How is this possible. Are they allowed to do that?? Whatever, I ain’t affiliated with Girl Scouts. They taste pretty much the same and now I can swim in cookies morning, day, and night.

After about 2 weeks of endless “Samoas,” I got pretty tired of them. It quickly became clear that the hype of Girl Scout Cookies heavily rely on the seasonal offerings and the limited quantities. Kind of like Shamrock Shakes I guess (which are on sale right now at McDonalds btw). Some kind of sick psychological marketing ploy? Or is it a genius marketing tactic? Eh, whatever (As I open a brand new box of Girl Scout Cookies).


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