Product Review: Ava Anderson Moisturizer And Night Serum

ava anderson skin care
  1. Moisturizer Claim:
    Enriched With Antioxidants, Oils, Vitamins
    Improves Elasticity
    Organic & Nontoxic IngredientsPerformance:
    Lightweight Face Moisturizer
    Sinks In Quickly
    Organic & Nontoxic Ingredients
  2. Night Serum Claim:
    Contains COQ10- Antioxidant
    Rebuilds Skin On A Cellular Level
    Resurfaces & Smoothes SkinPerformance:
    Penetrates Skin To Deeply Hydrate
    Skin Is Soft & Smooth

    I’m really blown away by the quality organic ingredients of Ava Anderson’s skin care line. I appreciate that I’m not receiving watered down products. Both products do not contain any water in their ingredients, which is really impressive.

The main ingredient in the moisturizer is aloe while the main ingredient in the night serum is meadowfoam seed oil (an excellent stable antioxidant).

I’ve been using both the Moisturizer and Night Serum for about two weeks now and my skin feels amazing. After I wash my face, I apply toner, then serum, and lastly moisturizer.

Also, I noticed when I applied the serum on my whole face, I broke out. So make sure you only apply it where you need it.

Would I buy again? Yes, especially the Night Serum ($29.95), which is great for dry or tired skin. You really can’t beat the price for what you’re buying.

Quick Tip:
If you have dry or dehydrated skin, you can apply Night Serum during the day under you moisturizer. Just because it’s a “Night Serum” doesn’t mean you HAVE to wear it at night. It just means it will be heavier/oilier, which can be a problem for some people. Also, some ingredients aren’t stable in the sun, so be sure to use a sunscreen.

My Profile:
Sensitive, Dehydrated, Combo Skin

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