Are You Average?

I’ve been seeing a lot of “average” stats online from “the average male height in the U.S.” to “the average female bra size.” The problem with a lot of these statistics is that when the general public reads these studies, they believe that average = normal. What’s more problematic is that the average number is just that. It’s an average, the mean.

For example, say there’s a city called Ageville with 100 people who are 20 years old and 100 people who are 30 years old. The average age of that city would be 25. Even though there’s no one in the city who is actually 25 years old, the people who are 20 don’t know that and they will say, “Oh, I’m younger than most  people in Ageville” while those who are 30 years old will say “Oh my, I’m so old.”

Do you see the problem? People start to compare themselves to an imaginary person called “the average” who is actually just a made up person.


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