Manufactured Desires: Diamond Rings & V.Day

“Diamond rings are a marketing ploy,” a guy expressed in great anger. As if shaming women for desiring an engagement ring to begin with. “So is Valentine’s Day.” It’s funny how when people get an epiphany about certain social norms, they have this need to tell everyone about it, and then make you feel stupid if you don’t agree. In this case, they also tend to choose things that only inconvenience themselves.

Diamond rings and V.Day. Both occasions where men are expected to spend money. However, if we really want to get down to the nitty gritty, let’s not be biased and only focus on practices that make women seem inferior. What else is manufactured? Do you prefer women who have long hair? Women who wear dresses, shave their underarms, cook you amazing meals or bake you yummy treats? How about that North Face jacket you always wear. Your Macbook you can’t part from. Your Fortune 500 company job.

Oh you’re not a corporate drone you say. You’re a starving artist or a free spirited hipster. You love Dr. Martens? You like to roll one up and relax, live a little? How original.

Wake the fuck up. 90% of what you believe and what you do has been manufactured and sold to you. Whether it’s physical or psychological, nothing’s original anymore. So next time you want to go on a rant and make people feel like shit for desiring something, don’t. Because actually, you’re arrogance will make you the fool.

Awareness is great. Share information, share something you learned. But leave the superiority behind. Even if what you have to say is great, no one will care if it’s delivered through aggression.


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