Getting Engaged

Social media has made the ability to fill the need for approval so much easier. I think people who post the most pictures online are actually the most insecure. They need external confirmation from people who aren’t even their friends.

It’s spring, and there seems to be a trend right now: Getting engaged. What a memorable, intimate, loving moment between two people, but isn’t marriage just that- between two people? What’s with all the engagement ring photos for the world to see? Some people don’t even post pictures of themselves, just the ring. The zoomed in, 3D-like pictures with multiple angles and change in lighting so you can experience every sparkle of envy.

I bet if a professional gemologist saw 90% of those rings, he’d be like “That is the shittiest quality ring I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m offended even looking at it.”

What really bothers me the most about this is that those people who post it (usually women) want other people (usually women) to admire and desire their ring. But what it’s really doing is making those people feel like crap. It makes women feel insecure and jealous as they start to long for a ring that’s just as pretty or prettier. Men start to worry about the cost, get stressed about his girlfriend’s standards, and then feel pressured to buy her a ring that’s bigger and better.

Social media. Something that’s supposed to keep us connected and help us feel loved has only left us feeling more insecure and more envious with more superficial relationships than ever before.


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