I’ve been commuting to the city for about a month now and as a driver, I am so confused by bikers. I have no idea what their hand signals mean. Most don’t even use hand signals, but about 1 in  5 people do and I’m not even entirely sure if they’re communicating with me or other bikers.

I feel like there might have been a sub-section on this in driver’s ed that my teacher just skipped over saying, “Don’t forget to read this for homework.” We all laughed because no one bikes in the suburbs.

I thought about biking once, but I didn’t realize all the rules involved. They have their own set of rules like you can’t bike on the sidewalk..? But cars hate you when you’re on the road and there’s always the risk of getting hit by one. There’s also the fear of getting your bike stolen, dismantled, and sold for parts if you didn’t lock it up correctly (how do you even lock it up “correctly”). If they’re generous, they’ll leave you the body and just take the tires.


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