High Maintenance Girls

Why do men date high maintenance girls, specifically ones with a princess mentality? Is it worth it? Is that what it is? Or do they fall in love before realizing how crazy she is? I just feel bad when I see guys who are so whipped that they don’t even realize what’s happening. It’s like they’ve become puppets and they’re okay with it. I don’t get it and it bothers me like crazy because I have some pretty amazing female friends who are down to earth, hot as hell, and know how to have fun, yet they’re single.

But I look to my left and this self-entitled, high maintenance bitch has a boyfriend, and then on my right there’s another superficial princess who’s engaged. Even the spacey girl from high school is getting married. Some of these girls aren’t even pretty. I’m not saying that it’s acceptable for pretty girls to be high maintenance, but there’s that stereotype “the hotter she is, the crazier she is,” which means crazy girls are usually pretty. So does this mean it doesn’t matter how crazy she is as long as you have some sweet-ass arm candy?

Am I missing something? Is this comparable to the whole “why do girls like bad guys” thing? Common answers to that question are: Bad guys are sexy, mysterious, the chase is fun. So do princesses have the same effect on guys?

I was genuinely curious, so I googled it and stumbled across this article from Huffington Post, and it all kind of makes sense now. Boys like girls. Men like women. Maybe all the girls who are dating right now are with boys, not men. And all my friends who are women are waiting for the men to step up and show up.

My favorite quote from that article is #7: “A girl wants attention, a woman wants respect. A girl wants to be adored by many. A woman wants to be adored by one.”


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