Dating Younger Men

I’ve always been attracted to younger guys. I don’t mind men my age, but I never found older guys attractive. Several people have asked me why, especially since women tend to like older men, but older guys try to teach me stuff and take care of me. Bleh. How annoying right? Since I grew up independent, I’m not used to being told what to do and I enjoy learning things on my own. Also, for some reason older guys always seem so jaded.. So I always found myself dating younger.

However, the problem with younger guys is that they tend to be immature. It’s fun initially, but it gets annoying real quick. Half of them treat me like I’m their mom and I have to teach the other half how to date. I got tired so I explored other options.

It soon became clear that age had nothing to do with it. It was maturity. Age is a huge deal when you’re in school because depending on what grade you’re in, your outlook on life is completely different. A freshman in college is excited to make the dumbest mistakes they’ll ever make ASAP, whereas a senior is thinking about the real world, getting a job, bills, etc. Once you’re out of school, I think age is completely irrelevant and it quickly becomes clear that maturity and life experiences are what really matter.


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