Product Review: Ava Anderson BB Cream And Lip Gloss

avan anderson face beauty makeup products
  1. BB Cream Claim:
    Moisturizer, Primer, SPF 20
    Concealer, FoundationPerformance:
    Basic Tinted Moisturizer
    Satin Finish
    Poor Coverage
  2. Lip Gloss Claim:
    Thin Lip Gloss
    Lips Feel Dry Quickly

    In my previous review, I mentioned products from Ava Anderson that I loved. However, this post covers products from her line that really fell short of my expectations. All of the ingredients are excellent as always, but the performance was underwhelming.

    I got the BB cream in Bisque. The color is fine, but the coverage is very poor. It’s a light tint that you might want to wear under your foundation. My sunscreen gives me more coverage, so this BB cream is completely useless.

    The Lip Gloss in Pink is a very sheer color that basically looks clear. I hate lip glosses that feel thin. This is filled with great natural oils, but it doesn’t have anything to thicken the texture. Thus, leaving a thin and greasy layer on my lips as if I literally put pure oil on.

Would I buy again? No

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