Product Review: Rusk W8less Multi 12 in 1 Miracle Leave-In Treatment

rusk muti 12 in 1 w8less miracle treatment

Adds Shine, Smooths And Detangles
Controls Frizz, Seals And Protects Haircolor
Prevents Split Ends, Stops Hair Breakage
Lightweight, Doesn’t Weigh Hair Down

Does Nothing

I really hate products that claim to do a billion things, but it can’t do a single thing correctly. It smells like aftershave and it’s a heavy product so I don’t know why it comes with a spray nozzle. Also, that list does not include 12 benefits of this product.. My hair looks exactly the same after I use it, but I keep using it hoping something will magically happen.

Would I buy again? No

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Hair: Thick, Straight, Slightly Frizzy, Chemically Processed


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