We like It New, Fast, Now

There’s an obsessive new trend in our society. The trend towards instant gratification thanks to social media and our growing digital dependence on technology has created a culture that wants everything new, fast, and now. No longer is patience a character trait one strives for and cultivates. Rather, we want everything cheap or free with minimal effort, which also equates to minimal satisfaction.

The slow food and fashion movement is confusing for most of us, because we claim to want quality ingredients, quality fabrics, and ethical wages, yet we don’t have the patience for it.

We don’t want to cook so we watch the Food Network. We can’t travel so we watch the Discovery channel. And when we start to feel a little bad about life, we donate a dollar to a third world country or hashtag a trending charity.

Just 50 years ago, we used to mend our clothes and repair our shoes. Now, you don’t like that $15 top? Toss it. Your heel broke? Throw it away. You’re moving to another state? Buy a new bed, IKEA delivers.

And this reflects in all other areas of our life. We’re high maintenance with our “foodie” culture and yupster attitude, but we don’t vote. Millennials are the least politically active and the least likely to have religious affiliations. Our society has become a fragile, hollow glass. We’re pretty to look at but we have loose morals and nothing we stand for. We care more about the trendy new restaurants than who our governor is. And this has left us inherently empty.

When did our life take such a drastic wrong turn? When did we drive off the map and take a shortcut to nowhere and how do we go back? Can we go back?


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