Forest Adventures

I like adventures. The unexpected spontaneity of venturing out into an unknown land. It’s exciting and nerve-wrecking at the same time. Exciting to see what you’ll discover. Nerve-wrecking because you have no idea what you’ll discover.

Two weeks ago, my boyfriend and I drove by a forest preserve we haven’t seen before. The weather was beautiful so we were excited to embrace the 70-degree weather with a little nature. However, we couldn’t find the official entrance. Confused, we drove back and forth when we saw a small, unofficial, unmarked dirt road.

It didn’t say “No Cars” at the entrance, so we took it as a sign that we were allowed to drive in. It looked a bit narrow, but we decided to take a chance. The drive in was beautiful and the road seemed perfect for a car, until it didn’t. I started to doubt the legality of our adventure when the road started becoming very narrow. No longer was it a dirt road, but a dirt path.. . for bikers. When I looked back, I noticed tire marks left behind by our vehicle. We ruined the forest preserve.


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