Dating Culture

Oh, high school love. So innocent, cute and pure. Until shit hits the fan. Two best friends like the same boy. The nice guy wonders why he’s always in the friend zone. The sweetest girl always dates the biggest asshole. So much confusion and drama for such fragile, young hearts.

The sad part is that this stuff leaks into adulthood, but the only difference is that everyone is a little jaded, a little more bitter, and a little less optimistic. A little more games, a little more secrets, and a little more suspicion take hold of relationships.

It doesn’t help that dating sites like Tinder and OkCupid have completely butchered serendipity. Or is serendipity in the palm of our hands now? Increasing the hookup scale a bit, as well as the creepy factor. Can we ever go back to the days we used to find love in a coffee shop? Or are those just fictitious fantasies that reside in books and movies?


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