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It’s always fun to see what kind of jobs are out there. Especially the odd gigs or weird “get paid to party” posts. I also find it fascinating that the fashion industry still thinks it’s okay to overwork people while paying them shit with the justification you’re “working in fashion.” The sad part is, there are people who are actually willing to do it!

Exhibit A

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 5.58.44 PM

This is a job post from Allure seeking a “Fashion Closet Freelancer.” Seriously, wtf Allure.

40 hours a week is a full time job. Yet, this position is under the title “Freelancer,” which means there’s no health insurance or any benefits.

“This is not a glamorous position.” Thanks for your honesty, at least. Running errands and carrying heavy garment bags is basically bitch work, aka shitty intern work.

Since “intern” isn’t appealing to recent grads anymore, I guess “freelance” is the grownup intern. However, this is an insult to those who actually make a living off of freelance. You know, those people who make $20+/hr?

$10/hr, you’re making $1,600 a month (before taxes). After taxes it’s basically $1,200. I have no idea how anyone is surviving NYC living costs and rent with that income. And it’s full time so you don’t have time for anything else, unless you’re planning to waitress weekends and weekday nights for an 80hr/wk work schedule.

Honestly, this opportunity wouldn’t be that bad if they either changed it to part time, so you could juggle another job, or if they just hired you on full time.

I used to respect Allure, enjoyed their magazines, even hoped to work for them one day. But it’s unfortunate to see that they’re taking advantage of young twenty-something hopefuls.


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