Men vs. Women

Both men and women are competitive, but we’re competitive about different things. Men compete over strength and sports or “manly” stuff like that, because they’re always trying to prove who’s the “manliest.” But women? No, we don’t have time for stupid little things like that.

While men talk about who can throw the ball further, women compete at a game called life.

We need to be prettier than her, smarter, quicker, wittier, sexier, skinnier, funnier, more interesting, more cultured, a better mother, a better cook, know more DIY, more life hacks, have a better husband, better children, perfect children, and most importantly, be happier than her.

We, women, play a sick game. And it’s a game we never talk about out loud. When we have our insecure episodes, “we’re gaining weight, we’re getting old,” what we’re really saying is “we’re losing at life, and we’re running out of time.”

Guys will punch it out to resolve their conflict.
We will ruin your psychological health. If you don’t end your day with a glass of wine and a Xanax, you’re on the winning side.

Looking back, I wonder if this was always the biggest difference between men and women.

Adam was totally cool playing with the zebras and giraffes.
Eve craved for more. She had to be the best.


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