Why I Don’t Use Conditioner

This summer, I stopped using conditioner after I shampoo. I’m not a doctor or a scientist, so this is from my own experience and personal preference.

To be honest, I don’t really know if conditioner actually does anything for the health of your hair. Using conditioner seems to emulate “healthy hair” by leaving hair soft and smooth. However, I think this is an illusion and conditioners are just “painting softness” on the surface of your strands without actually contributing the health of the hair. Any nutrients in the conditioner is just being washed down the drain.

This summer, I started using shampoos that don’t harshly strip my hair, which has eliminated the need for conditioner. My hair doesn’t feel stripped, so I don’t have to make up for any moisture loss. If you use styling products or have oily hair, using a stronger shampoo once a week will be necessary to prevent buildup.

I also replaced my conditioner with a leave in conditioner, which I use on damp hair after I shower. Leave-in conditioner actually penetrates the hair shaft and contributes to the health of your hair since you don’t wash it out.

Don’t get me wrong, in the winter I use hair conditioner after I shampoo, because my hair gets dry and statical. However, I no longer expect conditioner to change the health of my hair. Deep conditioners may have a bigger impact because it stays on your hair longer, but I think leave-in conditioners make the biggest difference.


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