I Still Don’t Want Fries with That

I finished it. I finished Prioleau Alexander’s You Want Fries With That? and it was good (he talks too much, but that’s not the point). I was wondering how it would end. I was a bit worried he’d end up going back to his old job, making the conclusion of the story- suck it up, hold your tongue, and keep working for the man.

However, he ends up leaving the world of minimum wage and doesn’t go back to his full time job in advertising either. Instead, he combines the best of what he knows with what he wants and starts freelancing.

He now dedicates his time helping ma and pa shops who can’t afford the big advertising agencies. He works on a contract basis and essentially does everything for cheaper and even teaches them how to do it themselves.

Do what you’re good at, do what you love, and have the freedom from corporate America?

Who says you can’t have your cake, eat it too, AND share it with your neighbors? 🍰


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