Can I Get Coffee with My Sugar?

I met with a few friends yesterday, and one of them shared some stories about her experience working at Starbucks. Specifically, about people’s drink orders, which were truly disgusting.

One customer would order a Venti (20oz, also the largest size offered) with 7 pumps of white chocolate, 7 pumps of mocha, and 5 pumps of caramel.

Excuse me while I barf.

The recommended daily dose of fat is 22g and about 30g of sugar.

A regular/unmodified Venti White Chocolate Mocha has 22g of fat and 75g of sugar. Add in all of those extra pumps of syrup and that’s enough sugar for weeks. That customer is getting all of that sugar in just 1 drink.

The worst part is, he isn’t the only one who orders drinks this way. Apparently, this is a very normal, daily order for many people.

I’m sorry, but if you need that much sugar to drink coffee, you shouldn’t be drinking coffee. There’s honestly no mystery to America’s outrageous obesity rate. It’s not even a physical appearance problem, it’s a health issue.

There should be a FDA warning label on the side of Starbucks drinks, because my friend believed she was putting people’s lives in danger.

We’ve transformed as a culture from glamorizing ultra-fit bodies in the ’80s, to super thin bodies in the ’90s, and now curvaceous bodies in the 2000s.

Yes, fat shaming is awful, but body shaming of any kind is a problem. It’s not about your BMI, body type, physical appearance. It should be completely about your health.

How’s your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels? An imbalance of any of these can lead to a stroke, heart disease, diabetes, or dementia.

Over idolizing curves can be just as dangerous as worshiping thin bodies. The lack of nutrition and the overindulgence of sugar and fat should draw concern to America’s future and our future children.


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