Barbie’s newest ad is empowering and engaging. It takes me back to the days I used to play with her. With all the scrutiny around Barbie’s unattainable figure and appearance, I’m assuming this is their way of rebranding themselves as a doll that can spark imagination and inspiration.

Yet, there are people still commenting and complaining about all of the problems this ad doesn’t solve: “the unrealistic body shape” or “where are the boys?”

People need to calm the eff down. First of all, I can honestly say that I was never threatened by Barbie’s figure. I never even thought twice about it. It’s a DOLL, a child’s toy. It’s make-believe. It’s supposed to be unrealistic.

Then there’s the comments about boys. “Boys play with Barbies too.”

Shut up. This ad is about female empowerment. If you didn’t get that, you missed the entire point of this ad campaign. If they want to add boys, grownups, Asian kids, or orphans next time, that’s great. But this ad is about empowering the imagination and intellectual development of girls. Don’t try to take that away from it.

Barbie is actually right on track with the trend in advertising right now. Both Always and Pantene Pro-V have also released ads regarding female empowerment in the past. I think they’ve all done a fantastic job, and I’m excited to see what else others will release.


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