Product Review: Essence I Love Extreme Volume Mascara


Incredible Volume

Worst Mascara Ever

Because of the amazing reviews and all the crazy hype, I really wanted to try this out even though it has parabens. I am so unbelievably disappointed. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong.

» The brush is huge so it gets all over my eyelids during application
» Super wet formula
» Curl is flat, lashes point straight
» No volume, no length
» Started smudging within the hour

The only pro is literally the color. Very black and pretty. I think a lot of the issues come from the formula being too wet. A lot of other reviews state that this mascara dries out too fast, so that’s probably why Essence did the opposite. But that just creates a new problem. I honestly don’t want to wait a few months hoping for it to “get better.”

Would I buy again? No

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