Product Review: Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eyeliner

I already did a product review for this eyeliner a while ago, but I wanted to talk about the color this time.

My favorite color is Gris 35, but unfortunately it’s been discontinued. Chanel no longer carries any grays and I think that is the dumbest thing ever (talk about #firstworldproblems). So I ended up getting the next closest thing which is Ardoise 912. It’s a soft black, but it does the job.

Chanel Ardoise 9121. Chanel Gris 35
2. Chanel Ardoise 912
3. Milani Liquif’eye Black 01

I compared them to Milani’s Black just to show you the difference, that it actually is a soft black. I consider Milani to be a true dark black for those smokey eyes and gothic days.

As for staying power, I washed my hands with soap and water, and the Gris stayed on the best. It was very difficult to rub off. (It’s actually still on my hand). I don’t know why it has better staying power when it should be the same formulation as Ardoise.

Conclusion: I will miss my gray eyeliner. I hope they bring it back or a better version.


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