My Heart Is Full

As I sit in bed with my laptop, wearing my pjs, messy high bun, and warm fuzzy socks, I can’t help but feel extremely grateful that I’m getting paid to work from home today.

I love my job.

The first post I ever wrote on this blog was about the uncertainty of my future and the fear of settling. However, 2 months in as a full time Content Writer, I’ve been living a dream working for an awesome company with unbelievable coworkers and a boss that sees my potential and wants to help me grow.

No, I’m not working in the beauty industry. But the fact that I’m still using my skills and passions is truly a blessing that I know many people don’t have.

This Christmas Eve, I find myself in a place where my heart is full and content (not complacent). When I started this blog, I shared about my lack of identity and complete vulnerability due to my situation. I was stripped of everything I associated my identity with and I was completely lost.

But today, I lack nothing, I desire nothing, and I am filled with joy that only comes from family, friends, and the overflow of God’s love on Christmas Day.


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