Agency Life Is Shitting on My Face

Past few months, my boss has kept saying that we need to show other people in our company and our clients the value of content marketing. We’re not just kids with a keyboard, but we actually have a strategy and thought process that goes into everything we do.

I’ve come to realize that writing is an art, and just like all the other arts, it is taken for granted, subjectively criticized, and they want it for the cheapest price or not pay at all.

Something that clicked for me this week though is that I don’t think the corporate world will ever value the arts the way it should be. If you look back in history, we’ve been fighting this battle for centuries. Even right now, public schools struggle to keep funding for the arts.

I’m kind of done trying to prove myself to every Account Team I speak to, every client I work with. If you can’t see the value, then I don’t really care because in the end, you’re the one missing out. I’d rather switch industries and find a job doing research or something else I enjoy just as much but with less subjective feedback.

I really, really wish I could give a huge middle finger, F*CK YOU to my company and walk out. But the bills don’t stop and I’m not ready to let my millennial pride get the best of me. Not just yet.


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