The Hipster Chronicles

I only drink coffee from cafes where the barista himself went and picked his own beans in South America, roasted them, ground them, and hand poured it into my mug.

Audiobooks are for people who are lazy, dumb, or stupid. The only books I read are first editions.

When I have a decision to make, I ask myself, “What would Friedrich Nietzsche do?”

Hipsterism isn’t a phase. It’s a way of life that runs through my veins, penetrates my heart, and transforms my soul.

No, they’re not an underground band. They’re artists. You don’t even know anything.

These old glasses? I don’t know, I found them around my house. (I actually spent $400 on them from an independent designer in France that sells out of her house once a year. If you were cool, you would’ve already known.)


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