Laser Treatment Update

I haven’t updated about this in a while, because I honestly haven’t been able to go back that often. I still have 1 more session left, but I’ll give an update on how my skin is right now.

1. My skin is pretty much clear of all freckles and sun spots, but it’s not spotless like I thought it would be. I imagined flawless, fresh, baby skin resurfacing but that is not the case. My skin is noticeably clearer though, so I would recommend it.

2. I did that whole washing each part of my face 20 times thing and it does help. It takes off more dirt and oil from your pores.

3. Lasers hurt. There’s different levels of strength, so the level of pain varies. It almost feels like your skin is being constantly pricked with a needle.

Worth it? Yes, I don’t wear makeup anymore and I don’t feel insecure. #win


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