Why You Should Travel

I love to travel. I know, that’s been said and done a trillion times but I want to address something that’s been trending in our culture. Traveling has become the latest craze that has completely removed the history and heritage of a culture’s origin and has found itself lost in the abyss of social media.

I’ve been contemplating for a while whether I should add a travel section to this blog, because it’s been done so many times by so many people. One of the blogs I like to follow is Nomadic Matt. He has some great tips that span across several continents. But there is one article he wrote that didn’t sit well with me: Why Travel Makes You Awesome

The reasons he gives to why people should travel are very superficial (e.g. be more social, better at conversations, and more confident). Listing shallow reasons to travel will give you nothing but a shallow experience.

Let me explain. I love to travel, not because it’s going to make me cooler or give me an envious, super awesome lifestyle. I travel because I love to learn. I travel because I love to experience different cultures and see amazing things that I never would have imagined. I travel because the beauty of nature lets me know that I’m not alone. That there’s more to life than just me and my little first world problems. The beauty of nature is proof to me that God exists, God who is incredibly creative and awe inspiring.

I travel because I want to be more connected with the world around me. I want others to feel connected to me and learn from me what I learn from them. I travel because life is way too short to spend it inside this tiny American bubble that’s about to burst at any moment. I travel so that I can share it with people like you and provoke you to travel too.

And that’s why I’ve decided to add a travel section to this blog. If you want to be cool, traveling isn’t for you. If you want to expand your horizon, learn to be more empathetic, and see/eat/experience things you’ve never imagined, travel.


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