Nine to Five

I had a throwback moment this morning when YouTube started playing All American Rejects' "Gives You Hell" on my phone. I remembered when I first heard this song, freshman year of college, it demonized a stable 9-5 job and glorified the rebel rock life. It's been 10 years since the release of that song and... Continue Reading →


Why You Should Travel

I love to travel. I know, that's been said and done a trillion times but I want to address something that's been trending in our culture. Traveling has become the latest craze that has completely removed the history and heritage of a culture's origin and has found itself lost in the abyss of social media.... Continue Reading →

Quick Tip: Face Moisturizer

In a hurry, traveling, or just feeling lazy? On those days when you don't have time for a 10 step skin care routine, this will save you so much time. My skin hates me. It's super high maintenance, so if I do something that is out of the ordinary, it will freak out. Lately, I've... Continue Reading →

Apartment Hunting

I started apartment hunting since I need to move out this summer. Being a writer, I think it's hilarious how some of these listings describe apartments, because it's all the tricks I would probably use too. Vintage/Rustic = Old Cozy/Comfy/Cute = Small/Cramped Artsy = Industrial Minimalist = Literally minimal amenities and upgrades

Ethnic Food vs. American Food

I had a conversation with a former (white) boss once. We talked about "ethnic food" and I said how I think it's kind of funny and strange that we classify Asian, Hispanic, African, and European food as ethnic, but not American. Because technically all food is ethnic. She looked at me confused (and as if I'm wrong)... Continue Reading →

Safety as a Right, Not a Privilege

I was reading this story yesterday, and it really stuck with me because I couldn't shake the thought of how that's been so real in my life. I know women are harassed daily, regularly and I think it's become so common to hear, that it's become normalized. When a guy hits on you at a bar -... Continue Reading →

True Freedom

I was let go from my job yesterday. That's a nice way of saying I was fired. And you know what, I feel pretty good. If you've been following me since the beginning of this blog, you'll know that there's been a lot of adventures searching for the right career. From being unemployed, to retail,... Continue Reading →

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