Employee of the Month

Yesterday, I had a town hall meeting at work where they recognized employees for their hard work. There was one man in particular that they really wanted to thank because he worked beyond work hours, got the job done, was always available, and he did it all with a smile on his face. At that... Continue Reading →


Laser Treatment Update

I haven't updated about this in a while, because I honestly haven't been able to go back that often. I still have 1 more session left, but I'll give an update on how my skin is right now. 1. My skin is pretty much clear of all freckles and sun spots, but it's not spotless... Continue Reading →

The Hipster Chronicles

I only drink coffee from cafes where the barista himself went and picked his own beans in South America, roasted them, ground them, and hand poured it into my mug. Audiobooks are for people who are lazy, dumb, or stupid. The only books I read are first editions. When I have a decision to make, I... Continue Reading →

Laser Treatments & My New Skincare Routine

Last week, I started seeing a Korean esthetician for my freckles. I honestly don't know  if she's an esthetician, doctor, or something in between. But she gives laser treatments that "erase" freckles. When I got there, she had 3 lasers for me. 1. Skin brightening 2. Freckle remover 3. Oil reducer & pore shrinker She... Continue Reading →

Freedom Never Felt so Sweet

Just over a week ago, I quit my job. My past 2 posts have literally been about my job, so I'm sure you're aware of how much it's been poisoning my life. Quitting was one of the hardest decisions I ever made because I literally have no backup plan. Normally, I would wait until I found... Continue Reading →

Agency Life Is Shitting on My Face

Past few months, my boss has kept saying that we need to show other people in our company and our clients the value of content marketing. We're not just kids with a keyboard, but we actually have a strategy and thought process that goes into everything we do. I've come to realize that writing is... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Need My Job

I don't need my job. I don't have to be here. I changed jobs about 2 months ago and I was super grateful and happy at first. Happiness turned into pride which started to taint my heart with boastful glee. Just one year ago, I was an intern. I went from intern to freelancer, to writer,... Continue Reading →

Quick Tip: Face Moisturizer

Supercharge any lotion or moisturizer by mixing it with face serum. I've had a hard time finding a great moisturizer, but I've had lots of luck with serums such as Ava Anderson's Night Serum. I mix a small drop of serum with a dollop of a simple face moisturizer in the palm of my hand... Continue Reading →

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