Hopelessly Romantic

Hopeless romantics are so annoying. Always looking for love around the corner while real life passes by. There’s no such thing as Prince Charming, ladies. Wake up and smell the shit.

But once the holidays start rolling around, guess what happens. I get this weird warm feeling in me that makes me feel fuzzy, giddy, and.. . hopelessly romantic. Not just about guys, but about life in general. I can’t help it. The Christmas lights, music, movies, snow, and cookies. How can I not be affected?? Making me believe in miracles, fairies, and magic. The holidays create a contagious feeling that I can’t help but fall victim to.

The one hopelessly romantic fantasy I dream about, that I’ve dreamed about since I was a child, is getting kissed under mistletoe. I don’t care if it’s stupid. I’ll wake up and smell the shit after the holidays.


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